Zündapp Workshop Manual for Two Stroke 100 & 125 cc

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You get here a new print of the original manual from 1970. the new prints are licensed and are produced in the year 2005! The Book is written in English! With my license i am veriefied in the ebay VERI program! That Manual was exclusive just for zündapp dealers and garages! If you restore a bike and want to repair the engine you need that manual with a lot of pictures. The Book is written in English! Engine Types: 1. 285 with 123 cc 2. 286 with 98 cc Techincal Data for 285-13L0, 285-15L0, 286-10L0 The Book is written in English! Table of Contens: 1. Dismantling the Engine 2. Assembling the Engine 3. Description of Carburettor 4. Engine Faults and their Causes 5. Special Tools 6. Electrical System Circuit Diagram 7. Technical Data
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